Focus on your business, not EDI!

Exact Macola offers an EDI solution that is a cost-effective, integrated solution giving you a reliable gateway for EDI processing. Our offering is well suited for small to medium business EDI environments. All compliance requirements and support issues are handled by the Exact Macola technology partner so that labeling, maps and ongoing EDI compliance changes are delivered to your company.

Top reasons to our EDI solution for Exact Macola:

  • Integration is completed with the least number of steps and the fewest screens possible, resulting in optimized performance, less work and fewer errors
  • Exact Macola 10, Exact Macola Progression SQL PSQL, and Exact Macola ES are all supported
  • Tight integration with WiSys and Exact WMS
  • One low maintenance fee covers all software, including updates for new Exact Macola releases
  • New trading partner “kits” can be purchased and installed in minutes so your company can begin transacting with new customers quickly
  • All EDI modules and features are available for use with Exact Macola, including the state-of-the-art EDI supply chain solution
  • Fast, simple installation, maintenance and upgrades
  • There is no requirement for additional EDI modules or extra tools

Download this free case study to learn how to make EDI simple in your company.