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Macola 10 - A Single Solution to Automate, Manage & Grow Your Business

Macola is ERP and business software that manufacturers and distributors use to automate, manage and grow their businesses.

The software empowers companies to take control of cost and complexity at every critical stage from design through delivery and see all facets of their business from a single application.

Macola combines out-of-the-box configurability & personalization with anywhere access. By integrating core business functions—manufacturing, project management, distribution, quality management, accounting & finance, human resource management, CRM—Macola streamlines business processes through automated workflows, document management and personalized workspaces.

In this demo, we will review the Macola 10 solution and discuss the six key benefits Macola can bring to your business:

  • A single solution with all-inclusive value
  • Configuration instead of customization
  • Flexible purchase options
  • Anywhere web & mobile access
  • Increased efficiencies with automated workflows
  • Personalizable views into the data that matters the most to you

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